Elana Kaplan: Spending Time Outside

The cold never bothered her anyway! In today’s #PassionPreview, Elana Kaplan shares her love for the outdoors, no matter the weather: “Spending time outside! When I was young, I played multiple sports per season. Softball, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey. You name it, I probably tried it. Since then, I have grown such an appreciation for being outdoors.”

IMG_6852 - Elana Kaplan.jpeg

Why spending time outdoors? “Whether it's playing a sport, or going on a hike, or skiing, and anything in-between, getting outside reminds me that there is just so much more to life than the little things. It allows me to stop and stand still for a moment, to put everything in perspective, and be appreciative of what is around us.”

To someone that doesn’t like spending time outside: “Many people may picture the 'outdoors' as only camping or hiking, but there are multiple ways to get outside! Find a beautiful rooftop view, a quiet backyard, a soothing beach, or anything that allows time to slow down a little. For someone like me whose mind and life is very active, it is really helpful to focus on your immediate surroundings for a little while.”

To someone that’s interested in spending time outside: “Especially in the typical life of a busy student, taking time to do this may seem difficult. Start by just taking a walk outside! Find what outdoor activities make your soul happy and gradually start to prioritize them.”

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