Dominique Roth: Mixed Media

Let’s get artsy! @in.the.nique.of.time, also known as @niquerothart, finds art in everything and then makes it herself. Read her #PassionPreview: “Visual art, specifically mixed media! In high school I enrolled in an art class. I did not think much of it – other than an easy A, but my art teacher encouraged my work and pushed me to create. The next year, I took two more art classes and continued to grow in my skills and master materials. Currently I am pursuing a minor in studio art.”


Why mixed media? “I think every person is, in some way, a creator. My creations happen to be visual, mixed media works. My passion for creating stems from the want and need to add beautiful things to the world.”

To someone not interested in mixed media: “I am typically a curious person, so my response would be something along the lines of: How come? What led you to this conclusion? Is there something that might change your mind?”

To someone interested in mixed media: “Do not fear failure. Make bad art. Do your research. Experiment. Make a mess.”

Passion Emoji: “Definitely the wave emoji 🌊 Mainly because most of the time when I think about my next work I feel like there is a massive wave of ideas and happiness flooding over me.”