Devin Wideman: Photography

For @superdevin64’s #PassionPreview, pictures are worth a thousand words: “Ever since I was in elementary school I always loved having a camera with me everywhere I went. I took my first photography class in middle school and just never stopped taking photos from there.”


Why photography?: “It’s my way of showing the world the beauty I see when I look around me. You can walk by something 20 times and then see a photo of it that completely changes your perspective. I love that about photography, and find the endless ability to change perspective refreshing.”

To someone that doesn’t like photography: “It is a unique opportunity to show people how you see the world. And not one person sees the world exactly the same, so why wouldn’t you want to show off your unique point of view?”

To someone that wants to get into photography: “Practice practice practice! The more you get out there and shoot the more comfortable you get with it.”

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