Crosby Melendi: Traveling

Today’s #PassionPreview is from Tampa native Crosby Melendi, also known as travel blogger @crosbygracetravels: “I love experiencing and understanding different cultures! I lived in the Netherlands for two years during elementary school, and ever since living there and traveling through Europe, I've been obsessed with learning about new places and people.”


Why traveling? “Aside from it being extremely fascinating in general, it broadens my perspective on the world and helps me see things in a new way. I genuinely think understanding the history and beliefs behind different societies could help bridge the gap between diverse groups of people. But mostly, I love it because it excites me more than anything else!”

To someone that doesn’t like traveling: “That's okay! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But I would still encourage them to try and get out of their comfort zone a little bit. Whether it's watching a documentary on Brexit or reading a book about Indian cuisine, learning about something outside of your own country – or even your own city – is a great start.”

To someone interested in traveling: “Follow my travel blog (Crosby Grace Travels)! Shameless plug, I know. But also, read National Geographic. They have done wonders for my global awareness and inspire me SO much!“

Passion Emoji: 🤩