Courtney Campbell: Food

Courtney Campbell, E-Commerce Writer for ‪@reviewed‬/‪@usatoday‬, gives us some food for thought in her #PassionPreview: “The food industry. I'm literally interested in all aspects of food from cooking to food blogs to agriculture. I've always liked eating and had an appreciation for good food, but when I became a vegetarian five or so years ago, I started teaching myself how to cook and started educating myself.”


Why the food industry? “Food is literally everything. Not only do we need it to survive, but it's so ingrained in society and culture. We go out to restaurants with friends as a way to catch up and whole celebrations literally surrounding food. Plus, certain meals play such a significance in cultures, which I find to be fascinating. At the same time, I feel that the food industry isn't transparent enough and most people don't really know how their food got on their plate or even how the industry impacts the environment. I'd like to fill in that gap in some capacity so people know what they're actually eating.”

To someone that doesn’t care about the food industry: “I feel like most people like food, but not everyone wants to know where their food comes from. I think people are afraid of learning something that may ruin their favorite food, which I understand.”

To someone that wants to start learning about food: “There are so many amazing documentaries and books on the food industry that you can check out and start educating yourself and bring that knowledge with you to the kitchen. "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan really changed my life and sparked my interest in the behind-the-scenes of the food industry and why we eat the way we do.”

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