Claire Moore: Podcasting

Do you listen to podcasts? Then you’ll love to get to know Claire Moore! Read her #PassionPreview: “I have a passion for sharing out my story through podcasting in my very own original podcast called "What the hell is up". I have always loved truly being heard by someone seeking to understand. I believe that parts of my story and experiences may have the potential to inspire others. My love and passion for honesty, openness, conversation, and connection fueled my desire to begin a podcast that represented these values.”


“I used to have difficulty talking as a way to express myself. I often felt scared to talk about my real life and experiences in the world. Sometimes I was nervous to share my real opinions or speak up with people. I think because I love listening to others, the idea of being heard in the form of public speaking or potentially podcasting held a special thrill. The opportunity to have everyone actually listen to me?! That felt so special. Several years ago, I started randomly recording voice memos on my phone--sometimes I would just talk through something to process, sort of like audio journaling. I loved that it was an unfettered way for me to share my thoughts and ideas--I didn't have to contain them or hide anything. Or, if I was having an especially riveting, funny, or ridiculous conversation with a friend, I might secretly start recording a voice memo just because I felt inspired. As I began listening to more podcasts and absolutely loved the way they can communicate interesting stories, perspectives, or just be something nice to listen to, I desired to contribute to this art form.”

Why podcasts? “I am passionate about being honest about my real experiences as a means of self-care, catharsis, and rebellion. I am bothered by superficiality and am enthralled by authenticity in whatever that might mean to the different people in my life. I am passionate about sharing my realities of living in this world as a 22 year-old wandering female, in a time when we tend to be so caught up with appearances and apparent perfection. I desire to be honest about my shortcomings and questions, so that listeners might be comforted that they are not alone in struggles with sexuality, religion, faith, mental health, acknowledging privilege and oppression, and other relevant issues. I really appreciate the medium of podcasting to transmit ideas and feel it is a real cultural gem to do so in a slower, more mindful manner than some other contemporary media.”

To someone not interested in podcasts: “Oftentimes, I think people get scared at committing to listening to podcasts. I started listening while driving different places and now I'll listen even when I'm at home doing chores, cooking, or even just relaxing with a cup of tea. For those who are scared by honesty and vulnerability, my passion might scare you off. But, if that's you then I'd say it's even more important that you listen.”

To someone interested in podcasts: “I would encourage you to just start recording moments with people you love, or record questions and thoughts you have. Keep talking and getting comfortable with what you have to say. Believe that you have a voice that is worth hearing.”

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