Kendall Daniels: Science Writing

Today’s #PassionPreview from Kendall Daniels is for all of you scientists and writers out there… she combined your passions: “Since the scientist/doctor/nurse didn't feel right to me as a Freshman in college, I decided to make my real passions into a real career. My love for science never faded; in fact, my favorite part about science was how I would learn or research the material and pass that information to others with enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge. Once I learned that science writing was a profession, I knew that I would be able to fit right in. Even though I am currently in the Professional and Technical Writing major, I have the ability to pick and choose science classes that I want to take head on, without needing to worry about a major or a minor. As cheesy as it sounds, college has really helped me to expand my interests and to hone in on what I want to do for the rest of my life.”


Why science writing? “I am so passionate about it because nothing is more important to me than relaying information to people in a factual and passionate way. With this passion, I get the joy of learning new scientific information every day, while receiving the honor of enlightening the public. I also get the opportunity to help scientists become better communicators, which is so inspiring to witness. The absolute best part is how versatile that the profession is. I can use my skills in English, my knowledge of science, and my love for graphic/document design all at once. Although difficult at times, I can use my technical and creative sides at once. It is such a challenge to interweave scientific fact with stories in order to create something that both scientists and the general public can enjoy - but I love every second of it.”

To someone not interested in science writing: “With the recent distrust in journalism and science, it is more important than ever to carry out the duties of this profession. No matter if your a scientist, a politician, or a member of the public, having information conveyed in an accurate and effective manner is crucial to carry on knowledge.”

To some interested in science writing: “I have this dream that there is another Kendall out there, with the same passions for both English and science, someone who is lost but ready to take on a new adventure. No matter the experience or the major, it can prove to be a very inspirational and enlightening passion. Also, don't be afraid to reach out in unknown waters. I have always had an issue with taking paths that I don’t have a map for – and it can sometimes be debilitating for me. However, just like working out, you have to get through the hard part to enjoy the most rewarding and exciting parts. Whether that’s going to a science talk on a farm, finding parking in a small town, or trying a new method of writing, you have to do it for the betterment of yourself.”