Dru Gannon: Photography

It’s always great when your passions can overlap with your education! For Dru Gannon, photography had to be a part of the college he chose. Read his #PassionPreview:  “Photography is my passion and I started it when I was around 15 years old. I had always loved taking pictures but I never really did it on a regular basis. It wasn’t until about the end of Junior year that I realized I wanted to pursue it as a career. Once I realized that I wanted to do this, I started to look at schools for art and photography specifically. Senior year of high school, I committed to Marymount Manhattan College. I’m now a sophomore there majoring in photography.”


Why photography? “I have been able to use photography as an outlet to express myself. I have also been able to find pride in the work I have created. For a while I had never been able to be proud of work that I had done, but once I started taking pictures I found my true passion. The reason I’m so passionate about photography and the work that I have created is because it makes me more confident and has allowed me to be comfortable with creating art.”

To someone not interested in photography: “If you think about photography as a whole, it has contributed a lot to history as well as the way we see certain events or moments in time. Without it life would be very bleak and unclear. In today’s world, photography has been used as a way to bring attention to things that people may not have been aware of. In a way it helps us in being up to date on important news and social issues. If that isn’t enough to help you see why photography is important, then let me ask you, what would your life be without a camera on your phone? or Snapchat? or even Instagram. Pretty boring if you ask me.”

To someone interested in photography: “The best way to get into photography is to start by understanding the camera in which you are working with. There are several brands out there as well as many different types, models, and photographic processes within cameras alone. Someone who wants to get into film photography is going to have very different camera settings than someone who wants to get into digital photography. Focus on what you want and from there explore cameras and how they operate.”

Passion Emoji: 😌