Laura Lee: Music

Today, let’s talk about hitting your own notes! Read Laura Lee’s #PassionPreview: “Music! I started piano at a young age and (did not) take it seriously, though I did get to a Grade 5 on the ABRSM. Down the road, I picked up other instruments like the clarinet and guitar and am now trying to teach myself the violin (which isn’t the best decision it sounds like I’m in a slaughterhouse every time I pick it up) 😂 but thanks to my supportive parents, music has become a very big part of my life!”


Why music? “It is an escape for me. Whether I’m happy or down, I always seem to be able to resonate to whatever I am listening to. I see it as a musical poem if that makes any sense.”

To someone not interested in music: “Why would anyone not like it?! Hah jk. I’d tell them to try to see it the way I see it and perhaps they will start to have an inkling as to what I’m trying to say.”

To someone interested in music: “Absolutely give it a shot. You don’t need to excel in playing an instrument to be passionate about it, so there is no pressure at all :)”

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