Alex Cottles: Branding

Today’s #PassionPreview from @theroutinecreative is definitely on-brand: “I am passionate about branding that tells a story. Wether it's the logo, a personalized note included with the purchase of your sweater or the little customized people icons you see on the bathroom door of cute boutique hotel. Super specific I know but it's just because I notice these things! I officially discovered brand design in college but, if I'm honest, I've always been a person who cares about visuals. Dating back to my teenage years when my friends would pay me to customize their myspace page. Or in elementary school when I would draw bubble lettered names with markers to match my friend's personality or style.”


Why branding? “I mean I know it's not saving lives but it is making the world a more beautiful and interesting place to wonder through. I honestly think it's just something I was born caring about. The way things look visually affect me deeply. I think visuals are important because they communicate information in a more digestible and simplistic way, allowing us to progress move quickly as the pace of life speeds up. Plus, on a surface level, pretty things are prettying things and everyone loves pretty things lol.”

To someone not interested in branding: “You're crazy! Totally kidding. We all have different passion and that's such a beautiful thing! Keep everything balanced and copacetic.”

To someone interested in branding: “You're in luck! There are so so many wonderful educational resources at your disposal these days. Who needs college? If you are looking to learn branding as a freelance designer specifically I would check out Branding w/Bre by Rowan Made. If you are looking to dive into the world of design and entrepreneurship all together, I would check out

Passion Emoji: 😍