Brittany Coppla: Writing

For Brittany Coppla, writing has always been the right thing for self expression. Read her #PassionPreview about her love for the pen and paper: “Writing! Since I could first write, I ALWAYS have carried a journal with me to jot down observations, words that caught my ear, notable phrases, dialogue, etc. The rest is history. Typically, I write poetry and nonfiction about in-between spaces, sleep, memory, and childhood (but I also have an odd tendency to write about earlobes).”


Why writing? “Writing has always struck me as a fascinating art form because language is one of, if not THE most accessible mediums for expression. Since words are thrown around sloppily in daily usage, the act of writing gets taken for granted. I’ve always gravitated towards the idea of reclaiming words in new, unexplored ways.”

To someone that doesn’t like writing: “I’d ask them if they get nostalgic over a favorite childhood book, have ever saved a fortune from a fortune cookie, have toiled over a cryptic text message, etc. People are taught to think they don’t like writing. But in reality, almost everyone has a really intimate relationship with words, even if in unconventional ways, without realizing it.“

To someone that wants to get into writing: “The best practice I've adopted is writing everything down that I observe and engaging with my surroundings purposefully. Look at what no one else is looking at: how your eyes adjust to windshield wipers, the way your friend answers the phone, how territorially the squirrel carries the acorn. It feels silly at first, but it’s the best launch pad.”

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