Brian Sputh: Fundraising + Philanthropy

Today’s #PassionPreview features Brian Sputh, who is raising the bar for fundraising and philanthropy: “I grew up with an Aunt who worked for the American Red Cross in New York City and always thought that it was incredible hearing about the things she did. It led me to applying for an internship the summer going into my Junior year of college in which I got the internship and spent the Summer as a Marketing and Communications Intern. Along with my internship at the Red Cross, I was a Fundraising and Marketing Intern for Special Olympics Ireland during my semester studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. From there I have been heavily involved in philanthropy initiatives at Elon University, including the University's Relay for Life chapter. I have served as the Director of Team Recruitment and am now serving as the Director of Marketing.”


Why fundraising and philanthropy? “You get somewhat of a high when you reach a fundraising goal. All of the hard work, the effort and the excitement all come together in which it not only feels good to you, but it will feel even better to the people that you are helping. Disaster relief for people affected by natural disasters, athletes with special needs being able to represent their region and country, and cancer patients hearing those four words, "you are cancer free". All in all it provides people with a chance and you were a key player in being able to make that 2nd chance and new opportunity happen.”

To someone not interested in fundraising and philanthropy: “It takes patience and grit to be able to really find a passion for philanthropy and fundraising. The lows can be pretty low but the highs by far out weigh them. After all the phone calls, the marketing, the events, it all culminates into one big orchestra and an even bigger end goal.”

To someone interested in fundraising and philanthropy: “Take the time to truly find an organization that you really find a connection with. The more you are involved in the organization, and the stronger the connection to it, it will make it that much more meaningful to you.”

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