Brendan Morris: Performing

Setting the stage…for passion! Brendan Morris loves all things theater and performance. Read his #PassionPreview: “Performing. Singing, dancing, acting, writing, performance art as a whole. I got into it at the age of four when I performed in my first musical, Hair.”


Why performing? “There’s this feeling that sparks up inside of me when I’m in front of an audience or even simply when I listen to a song.”

To someone not interested in performing: “Being a performer in any specific medium, let alone as a triple threat, requires major talent and drive that isn’t found in just anyone. A performer is always actively doing something for other people and that can be difficult for those who aren’t the most outgoing. It takes a lot of work from rehearsals to performances.”

To someone interested in performing: “Believe in yourself. Work on your craft. Better yourself and keep training. Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you too much!”

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