Bradley Robinson: Video Games

Sometimes your passion is all fun and games…literally. Today’s #PassionPreview comes from Bradley Robinson: “My passion is video games- mainly mmorpgs. I got into it mainly by growing up with my twin brother and playing with his friends from middle school and up.”


Why video games? “I am passionate about it because it lets me dive into another world that is competitive, challenging and fun. I think there is a stigma against Lgbtq+ people playing video games seriously or competitively and I would love to push those boundaries. I think it’s important to showcase that a gay man like myself can play and be a serious gamer.”

To someone not interested in video games: “I would tell them that it’s definitely not meant for everyone, but to have an open mind on why people play video games passionately. It allows for an escape from reality that is sometimes necessary and hosts a fun, competitive environment.”

To someone interested in video games: “I would tell them to not take it seriously at first and to just have fun. At the end of the day, that’s the goal of video games. If I had to give competitive advice, I would say to have main one character until you understand the basics of a game and then try out different characters.”

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