Blaine Williamson: Placemaking

Happy Friday! Today’s #PassionPreview comes from Blaine Williamson, creative director of Motley Studio: “My passion is placemaking and community development. I got a random desk job at the beginning of college to make some extra cash. After listening in on meetings, over time, I developed a deep passion for creating beautiful and practical spaces for people to live, work, play, and visit.”


Why placemaking?: “I’m passionate about placemaking because cities have the capability of providing something for everybody when they are created by everybody. I want to help create equitable spaces and opportunities for people of all backgrounds and identities to feel connected and invested in the place they call home.”

To someone who isn’t interested in placemaking: “I would say to look a little closer. Places are more than where we buy groceries or grab a coffee; they’re where we build a business, start a family, celebrate success, and feel utter loss. They carry the weight of our day-to-day lives and should be a wonderful thing.”
To someone that wants to get started in placemaking: “Let's chat, wohoo! Begin making place in your everyday life and invest in the people and places around you. I promise it will make this huge, big world feel a little bit cozier.”
Passion Emoji: 🤠🏠 [📸: @savannahshawphoto]