Ben Ziemba: Real Estate

Sometimes your passion is about home… or helping people find their homes. Today’s #PassionPreview is from real estate agent Ben Ziemba: “My passion is real estate and seeing the different styles and types of houses out there. I got into it officially as a career a little over a year ago when I started in a real estate office to turn this passion into something lucrative.”


Why real estate? “My passion for houses and the styles started at a young age. I was lucky enough to have parents that liked moving to different houses, which exposed me to the various types of homes and the whole process of updating and renovating from the inside out.”

For those that aren’t interested in real estate: “Some people just see houses as a place to live. To them I say they’re missing out. Houses and their styles show the history of the area, which varies from place to place. Walking into someone’s home and opening your eyes also gives you an inside look on them and their likes and dislikes instantly.”

For someone interested in real estate: “Someone just wanting to see the different styles of houses and such, just wander around and see what’s in your own town! Starting a career of it, definitely go to random open houses as much as you can to see all the different approaches of marketing the homes and what works for them vs what does. For sure start ASAP, don’t wait and let life pass you by (there’s so many beautiful houses to see!).“

Passion Emoji:🦸🏻‍♂️