Ben McClure: Self Care + Exercise

For Ben McClure’s #PassionPreview, he opens up about his experience with “self-care, exercise and dieting.”


Why self care and exercise? “I struggled for a long time with body weight, self esteem and negative self talk. It wasn’t until I was encouraged by friends and family to seek help getting started that I finally started seeing results of changing my diet, exercising, sleeping better and practicing positive self talk.”
To those that don’t like to perform self care or exercise: “Finding motivation to live healthy and learning to love yourself can be extremely difficult. The first step is learning that you have to make you a priority and find what will make you truly happy. Once you find a lifestyle that suits you, results will follow—it takes time, but it’s worth it.”

To someone that is interested in self care or exercise: “There’s an infinite amount of information out there. Read articles, talk with professionals, and do research. Learn how to get started achieving your own goals, and most importantly, remember you’re doing this for you!”

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