Ben Driscoll: Supporting Those with Disabilities

For some, a passion can be about love…for everyone and anyone! Ben Driscoll has a particular love for spending time and supporting those with disabilities. Read his #PassionPreview: “In middle school, I witnessed a bullying incident that involved two students, one with autism and one without. I, unfortunately, was a bystander, clueless what to do. I simply stood and watched as the autistic student was being made fun of and shoved around. Later that day I passed by the same autistic student and started up a conversation to later find out that he was nonverbal. Since that moment on I have been involved with this population not only for the mutual friendships and great experiences but to help be the voice for those that sometimes can't express their feelings or worth.”

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To someone not interested in spending time with those with disabilities: “This population is changing what it means to be “normal” in the 21st century. Through starting their own businesses to Olympic athletes to runway supermodels, these people will continue to show the world their abilities and if that’s hard for you to see/understand, then that’s your loss. The best is yet to come from this population....stay tuned.”

To someone interested in spending time with those with disabilities: “Watch an episode of The Good Doctor or Atypical to become familiar with the population. Want more? Get a feel for what it’s like to hang out with this population by participating at your local Special Olympics that occurs annually. Go to and sign up as a volunteer. Want even more? Go to and attend a few of the local chapter’s events that happen throughout the year. Become a social advocate for this population through helping eliminate the r-word [retarded] and more. See where people from this population can contribute to environments such as your workplace. Every milestone is a celebration. Will you be at the party?“

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