Austin Rutland: Coffee Shops

Sometimes your passion keeps you caffeinated. For Austin Rutland, his #PassionPreview is all about coffee shop culture: “As weird as it sounds, I truly have a passion for coffee shops and the atmosphere they cultivate. As you can tell from my Instagram feed, I’m obviously passionate about the coffee itself too.”

Why coffee shops? “Coffee shops tend to become havens for the creative, and I feel like they provide ideal places for me to meet people I can really connect with, whether it be through a shared love of coffee or small talk that leads to a deeper conversation. I’ve met so many of my friends through random encounters in coffee shops, as well as made professional connections with photographers and bloggers that I ended up working with. I also feel creatively inspired when I’m in an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop, mainly due to my love of coffee photography and flatlays.”

For someone not interested in coffee shops: “I’m pretty aware that my obsession with coffee shops goes beyond what most consider normal, but I would encourage someone that doesn’t share this passion to go to a quality coffee shop and put sincere effort into observing the interactions that happen there. I think many people would be surprised at the amount of connections they can make in such a simple, everyday setting.”

For someone interested in exploring coffee shops: “I found my passion for interesting coffee shops through seeking out recommendations from bloggers and ‘instagrammers.’ So I would suggest to find someone in your area that knows the best coffee shops and just try a couple out to see what kind of atmosphere you like.”

Passion Emoji: ✨