Anna Kelley: Photography

Want to capture memories? Snap some pics just like @Anna Kelley! Read her #PassionPreview: “Anything and everything photography! I have fell in love once I was handed a disposable camera for sleep away camp. I since have grown in style and in platform. Now, I share my adventures on Instagram and a weebly page ( through a Cannon film camera, disposable cameras, a Nikon d3400 and a GoPro session.”

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Why photography? “I am passionate in photography because of the ability to share experiences visually. I was inspired by the artists that I had seen on social media and in gallerys. I use Instagram in order to reach a wide audience on a digital platform.”

To someone not interested in photography: “Photography is produced in a variety of forms (digital, film and print). It is all about personally discovering what you think displays the images the best.”

To someone interested in photography: “Photography is a the touch of your fingertips... dive in! Use anything you can get your hands on... disposable cameras are $8 at Walmart!”

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