Andy Sims and Steve Smith: Travel

Happy New Year, everyone! Do you need help deciding what trips to take in 2019? Well just talk to travel duo @husbandsinrva about it. Read their #PassionPreview: “We both have always been curious about the world and what goes on beyond the environment we know. We feel that travel is a wonderful way to see other perspectives and points of view. Travel challenges your own way of perceiving the world and helps you better understand your sense of self and place.”


To someone not interested in travel: “We know of people that do not enjoy traveling. Some people are just not adventurous or not open to the experience. We would encourage people to consider why they are opposed. If it's a fear of the unknown then we would point out that the only way to overcome that fear is through experience.”

To someone interested in traveling: “Definitely research and prepare. Learn about where you are going before you go. It's respectful to the people you encounter and enhances your own experiences. You may not be able to learn the whole history or language of a place, but some cultural knowledge and phrases go a long way.”

Passion Emoji: 🤩