Amy Wolf: Skincare

Self care is so important and comes in so many forms. For Amy Wolf, it’s through her skincare. Read her #PassionPreview: “My skincare regime! It’s my nightly routine to wind down from the day. My mom introduced me to the routine and ritual of being care of one’s skin.”


Why skincare? “Where do I begin? I think it’s the first thing people notice about meeting someone new, taking in all the features of the face. By me investing the time and money to take care of my skin now, I’m going to be more happy with how my skin ages and hopefully don’t have to buy creams and potions that I hope will correct some problem areas (this also includes wearing sunscreen). When people complement my skin, I take great pride in it and replied, ‘I have a skincare regime I do every night: cleanser, tonic, serum, moisturizer.’”

To someone not interested in skincare: “You should! Just like going to the gym is good for you (at any age), taking care of your skin is so important. And taking the time to learn about your skin (and it’s problems) will improve its longevity.”

To someone interested in skincare: “I am #brandloyal to @Origins (this is not a paid ad). In Origins stores, staff are able to do mini-facials, which starts with a conversation about your skin type and they create a regime and show you how to and how often to do it.”

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