Amy Rauch: Travel

Going from land to sea and everywhere in between! Today’s #PassionPreview comes from Amy Rauch, lover of travel: “My passion is traveling. I went on my first solo-trip when I was 18 and have been hooked ever since. I had the chance to study abroad in London last fall which was easily the most fulfilling four months of my life. I love experiencing places and understanding cultures that are different than my own.”


Why travel? “Traveling gives you the opportunity to experience a glimpse of someone else’s life. The world is so big and there is so much I haven’t seen. It’s so exciting to taste new foods, see unfamiliar horizons, and talk to new people. Traveling has really taught me that as different as people seem, many of us hold the same core values. I think if more people traveled and broke out of their comfort zones we would have a much more compassionate society.”

To someone not interested in travel: “That’s totally fine! I would still encourage people to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and “travel” locally. It’s super easy to visit a new coffee shop or explore a museum in your city!”

To someone interested in travel: “I’d start by following @natgeo@airbnb, and accounts like @visitwashingtondc on Instagram. I love scrolling through their feeds and stories to further educate myself and discover places I want to visit. Anytime I stumble upon a new spot, I create a “saved folder” on my Instagram for the country/city so I have ideas of where to go if I ever get the chance to visit!”

Passion Emoji: 🤩