Amy Do Stafford: Understanding People

Are you a people person? @amydostafford definitely is! Read her #PassionPreview all about it: “My passion is understanding people. Not sure if I got into as much as I was born with it and haven't been able to shake it off over the years.”


Why understanding people?
“When you take the time to understand people, you uncover beauty - how similar we are, yet how unique we are. Everything from what drives us, who motivates us, how we love...the list is endless.”

To someone not interested in understanding people: “That in itself helps me understand them and it's their prerogative. I've been fortunate to love and learn from the best and not all of them agree or like my passion.”

To someone interested in understanding people: “Never stop listening. Don't interrupt, just listen. You may just learn something you never knew before and when you do, be open. That doesn't mean you have to agree.”

Passion Emoji: 🙌