Allister Ford: Wildland Firefighting

Sometimes your passion can be quite dangerous. For today’s #PassionPreviewAllister Ford takes the heat and explains his love for his job: “My passion is wildland firefighting (specifically Hotshotting). I went to college for forestry and after working for some less than ideal crews, I landed a job in California on a shot crew and it’s helllla rad.”


Why wildland firefighting? “The incredibly low lows and high highs. This only makes sense to folks who have done it. But the extreme differences from feeling great to terrible to great again is what I think only this career can make you feel.”

To someone not interested in wildland firefighting: “It’s prolly cause you can’t shred the gnar.”

To someone interested in wildland firefighting: “Go meet up with a crew and go for a run and workout. Also, school helps some.”

Passion Emoji: 🤙🏼