Allie Ducote: Female Empowerment

Staying strong and staying passionate 💪 Today’s #PassionPreview from Allie Ducote is a story of incredible empowerment: “I am passionate about empowering women to find their strength inside and outside the gym. I found my passion through my weight loss transformation and knew that other women deserve to feel strong in order to succeed.”

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Why female empowerment: “I find that women are taught to be smaller. They are taught to be diminutive when they enter a room and they are taught to never proclaim their truth. I want to change that perception that women have of themselves so they feel more comfortable in their own skin.”

To someone not interested in female empowerment: “If someone doesn’t like strong women then they have an antiquated view of gender norms based on millennias of male-dominated societies. Women, like men, deserve and should be encouraged to be strong and not weak because strong people, especially women, create and develop.”

To someone that wants to start empowering women: “Get ready to change some lives, because so many women have never been told that they are enough.”

Passion Emoji: 💕✨🙋🏻‍♀️