Alexa Gillert: Fashion

Some people can wear their passions. Alexa Gillert’s #PassionPreview is about all what to wear: “My passion is fashion! I have always loved art, drawing and creating things, but I was never a self-proclaimed ‘fashionista.’ I played sports my whole life which meant I was in a uniform more than I was in regular clothes. I've always loved watching award shows and watching the extravagant gowns float down the red carpet, it was always a magical feeling for me. Whenever I watched the shows I always thought ‘I want to create that one day.’”


Why fashion? “Fashion, whether you believe it or not, is truly the best snapshot of what is going on in our society right now. Fashion can have a simple meaning, but it can also have a very complex meaning. Simple meaning a classic white t-shirt and jeans or more complex like the fashion statements surrounding the #MeToo movement. Fashion also makes life fun! Clothes really allow us to express our personal feelings and identities in ways other material things can’t.”

To someone not interested in fashion: “Whether don't you keep up with what's going on in the fashion industry or you think it's all too superficial, a great outfit can make anyone look and feel amazing!”

To someone interested in getting started in fashion: “Just dive right in! There is really no one way to start because everyone is so different. Start with the aspect of the design process that resonates with you the most (Sewing, illustrating, or textile creation) and get creative!”

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