Alex Tutino: Traveling Near and Far

Need a weekend getaway? Alex Tutino explains how taking a solid trip doesn’t always have to be super far away. Read his #PassionPreview: “Little vacations to neighboring states & while it wasn’t anything major, I loved experiencing life in a completely different atmosphere from what I was used to. The first, big vacation I ever took was with my friend to Portugal when I was 13. She has family there, so I got to see the country on a much more personal level & experience rural life, compared to the suburban life I was used to. After that, I started going wherever I could. From small trips like Philadelphia, Boston, & New Port to bigger trips like Chicago, Miami, & Las Vegas, and Spain, I’ve loved every place I’ve been to & I look forward to going to many more.”


Why traveling? “I think being immersed into a new atmosphere is very enriching. Different cultures, different cuisines, different lifestyles. In Chicago, I had their famous deep-dish pizza. In Philadelphia, I had their famous philly cheese steak. In New Port, I had their famous lobster roll. I was able to take part in the culture of the area & it was so great being in an area, different from what I’m accustomed to.”
To those not interested in traveling: “If you don’t like traveling, you’re missing out on the many joys the world has to offer. We are one small part of a giant planet & there so much to see, do, experience & it would be a shame to miss out on it. You could miss out on the Art Deco styles of Miami, the beautiful hotels of Las Vegas, or the spectacular architecture of Europe. You have to get out there & see what the world has to offer.”
To someone interested in traveling: “Just go for it! Traveling can seem like an overwhelming thing, trying to figure out travel-fare & where to actually go, but if you plan according to your budget & a destination you’re really fond of, you will surely have the time of your life!”

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