Alex Simon: Storytelling

Today, Alex Simon is going to tell you a story… about storytelling! Read his #PassionPreview: “My passion is storytelling. Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed telling stories that were both real and made-up, both for sheer entertainment and for school. I can remember seeing a bumper sticker or a funny-looking mailbox on my walk home from school and making up the story of why that thing exists there, only telling it in my head until I moved on to the next thing. I’ve found that the exploration of thought is the key to starting a good story.”

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Why storytelling? “I’m a constantly curious person and believe that we all have a story in this world. I find myself constantly wanting to know about people’s lives and get to hear what makes them tick. In finding what works for others, perhaps I can find a way to not only tell that story, but also improve my life and the lives of others, too.”

To someone not interested in storytelling: “I believe that storytelling is an essential and vital part of human existence, and we have more ways to do so than ever before. If you haven’t found the way that fits you or works well for you, then keep looking. You’re bound to find it soon.”

To someone interested in storytelling: “Find a way to shut yourself up and listen to others. Listening is the key.”

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