Alex Lewis: The Power of Words

Sometimes your passion can empower potential. For today’s #PassionPreviewAlex Lewis empowers through words and poetry: “I'm passionate about using the power of words to encourage and inspire. As a kid in middle school, I started writing raps and learned the potential of my words to connect with others. Now, I empower people to use their words to encourage others through @carwindowpoetry.”


Why words? “Because words matter. People are hurting, and a kind word can make all the difference. The more kind words we put out into the world, the more people who have an opportunity to receive the messages they need to hear.”

To someone that doesn’t like finding power in words: “I would ask why. Maybe words aren't the most effective way to encourage and inspire. If there's a better way, I'd like to know what it is. I always try my best to engage from a posture of learning rather than proving, of curiosity rather than interrogation.”

To someone that wants to start finding power in words: “You're right where you need to be. Everyone has a story worth sharing and the ability to make a difference through messages of love. It's terrifying to put something you hold so dear out into the world, but you never know who could be impacted by the words you share.”

Passion Emoji: 🚘📝❤️