Abe Calhoun: Architecture

Some people are passionate about building something and some are passionate about buildings themselves! Abe Calhoun has a thing for architecture — read his #PassionPreview: “I have always had a passion for design and buildings, but I think my love for Architecture (and especially older urban architecture) started around middle school when I traveled through Richmond's Fan District every day commuting. There was a certain something to the architecture downtown that captivated me in a way nothing near by where I lived at the time did.”


Why architecture: “The idea of being able to turn something that serves a basic need (shelter) into a work of art has always seemed captivating to me. Everything about a building from the layout of the Facade of a building (the street facing exterior or "face") to the way space is organized on the inside fascinates me. On top of that, I love how older buildings tend to have a careful sense of attention paid to craft, and detail that isn't seen as much in newer construction.”

To someone not interested in architecture: “It's kind of hard to find people out there who don't like architecture as a whole (I mean who dislikes all Music, or Art?). However, I do come across (a small minority of) people who might feel differently about older buildings and styles of architecture in general. From personal experience, I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that people tend to prefer the shiny, new and slick. Older architecture tends to be easier to appreciate when you take the time to stop and look.”

To someone interested in architecture: “First, I'd suggest trying to visit an historic city or neighborhood near you. If you don't live near one, pick an architectural history textbook and flip through the different eras to see what speaks the most to you. Plan a trip to somewhere known for it's historic architecture (personal suggestions would be NYC, Boston, Philly, DC, or San Francisco though you can find plenty of other interesting cities in other parts of the country).”

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