Aaron S. Green: Street Photography

The word on the street is that @Aaron S. Green loves taking some snapshots of the big city. Read his #PassionPreview: “Street Photography, I discovered a love for photo back in my hometown, Washington DC. In college I assisted with some lighting and events, and then when I moved to NYC a few years ago I discovered shooting on my commute and the rest was history. Now it's a daily routine!”


Why street photography: “I’m usually seeing people liventheir daily lives. I think there's something truly beautiful seeing people on the street, both candid and the occasional interaction. It really gives me perspective in my own life and about others’.”

To someone not interested in street photography: “What's not to like?!?! I think people that don't like it might sometimes think it's strange to photograph strangers. But I'd like to let those people know that in 50 years photos of everyday life will key people into what things were like. I think that's so important.”

To someone interested in street photography: “Grab any camera you have, a DSLR or a cell phone. It doesn't matter which and just start creating photographs.”

Passion Emoji: 🙏