Mariah Lehmkühl: Languages

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Привет! Today’s #PassionPreview from Mariah Lehmkühl is all about learning languages: “I think it started when I was little and my parents would speak to one another in French at the dinner table and I longed to crack their "secret" code. Throughout my education I have studied varying amounts of Spanish, German, ASL, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, and Ancient Greek. “


Why learning language? “I love that learning new languages allows you to experience new realities. Through learning how others see the world and express themselves in it I am able to critically reflect on my own identity. Plus you get the tools to connect with people from all over the world!”

To someone not interested in learning languages:
“Learning languages isn't even just about knowing the language, you learn a ton about yourself too. Also learning languages does NOT have to be boring, in-class grammar lessons. In fact, the more you try and LIVE the language the better.”

To someone interested in learning languages: “In learning languages you get out what you put in. If you are dedicated you can even tailor learning a new language to your pre-existing interests. I love Harry Potter and so I try to read the books in new languages (since I know them by heart). It's a great way to learn a language in a way relevant to YOU.”
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