Jocelyn Runice: Storytelling

For today’s #PassionPreview, Jocelyn Runice wanted to tell you her story about… storytelling! With experience at @selfmagazine@teenvogue, and now @newbalance, she loves using design + social media throughout her career: “Telling stories, especially across social media platforms. It started as an interest in studying the way stories could be communicated through shapes, text, and graphics, especially across print media. After graduation, my career slowly allowed me to experiment with storytelling on social media, and I’ve been hooked ever since.”


Why storytelling? “I truly believe that everyone has a unique, special, and worthy story, and that a good start to changing the world involves finding a way for us to all listen and learn from each other. I love the idea that I can facilitate these exchanges through social media and design.”

To someone that doesn’t like storytelling: “I get it. Not all stories are good stories. And some days, practicing self-care involves not focusing on any story but your own. I would say: allow yourself to seek out the uplifting, informative, and the good. And that it’s okay to disagree with other people’s stories, but it’s important to listen.”

To someone that wants to start storytelling: “Meet people where they are. I used to participate in a mentoring program, and that was a big thing that I learned from it: don’t expect people to always come to you, or relate to you in ways you’re comfortable with. Be okay with getting out of your comfort zone, learning new things, and exploring new places. “

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