Ryan Hill: Opera

What do you get when you mix a great cocktail and some outstanding opera? You get a #PassionPreview from Ryan Hill, the bartending baritone: “My passion is opera. I got into music by singing with a semi-professional boys' choir called Florida's Singing Sons. With them, I was able to travel, make music with friends and see how fulfilling a life in music can be. When it came time to decide on a college degree, I decided to pursue a Bachelors of Music in Music Education at the University of Miami (FL). After my first year, I realized I did not want to be a teacher and greatly enjoyed performing. I switched to a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor and theater and have never looked back. I went on to earn a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music, and now perform regionally around the country.”


Why opera? “Collaboration. That's what draws me to performing and my day (night?) job, bartending. I enjoy working with like-minded people to bring a show together, create a new cocktail or start a bar. The collaboration seed was planted when I dabbled in playwrighting through my minor. I thrived on the workshop process. Bringing characters to life, and working with people to see what works and what didn't work. The attempt at perfection, even though that is impossible, is why I am passionate about what I do.”

To someone that doesn’t like opera: “Just go. Go to an opera. Don't be afraid if you won't understand because it's in another language. Most, if not all companies, use super titles anymore (think subtitles but above the stage), and most theaters have student rush tickets, or tickets at affordable prices, or specific nights where tickets are cheaper.”

To someone that wants to get started in opera: “Look to your community. Most local opera companies have events at live music venues, like bars or breweries, to appeal to a broader audience, or even in art museums or botanical gardens.” -

Passion Emoji: 😊😎