Nicole Ackman: Theatre

Sometimes your passion involves an intermission. Today’s #PassionPreview is from self-proclaimed theatre nerd Nicole Ackman: “I’m passionate about theatre and especially its ability to help people change, grow, and learn. I began acting in plays during high school and quickly became engrossed in the theatre world.”


Why theatre? “I’ve seen the effect that theatre has had on my own life and on other people's. It truly is an important tool, especially in today's troubled times both for its ability to educate and its ability to distract and bring joy.”

To someone not interested in theatre: “I would say that they haven't seen the right play or musical! A lot of people write off theatre after having seen one show they disliked but there are so many different types of theatre that some people don't even realize exist.”

To someone interested in getting started in theatre: “I would recommend soaking up as much knowledge as possible. Listen to musical cast albums, read plays, check out the selection on BroadwayHD. Find a local theatre and start acting or seeing shows!”

Passion Emoji: 😍